Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, well, well!! Look who's here :P Why am I so lazy when it comes to updating my blog posts ? well may be cause I didn't had anything to post. A valid reason, isn't it ?

Anyways, I am finally done with Animation Mentor and I can proudly say that I am a graduate of one of the best online animation school out there :D The feeling itself is so wonderful. Past 18 months have been the best and the quickest time I've spent in my life along with awesome and wonderful people around me and have made so many awesome friends too. I love animation cause I have been a freak for cartoons since childhood, but after AM I love it even more cause we get to meet so many crazy and fantastic people sharing the same passion as me and also I get to make so many cool friends.

Well now that I am graduated, I have compiled some shots I did at AM and consider it as my Demoreel. There's still heck lot I can work on it and in fact working on it :P but for the time being below is what I have and I definitely am proud to call it as my Character Animation Demoreel :D

Hope, anyone who does check out my ramblings here will like it. And as always feedback's and comments appreciated.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

3 Months for a post :P

Well that's bad :( I shouldn't be so lazy I guess... Even though this blog doesn't has many people checking around and intended mostly for my self :P and atleast I should be a regular visitor here lol!!! That's really bad...

Anyways, there wasn't anything to post for a couple of weeks or say months.. So didn't bother (or say was lazy) to even login to post something. But now I think I do have something that can be posted :) So here  I am, now trying to write down something to fill in the post with my silly comments and thoughts... Followed by my first ever, one person dialogue shot :D

Yes that's true... this is the first dialogue shot I've ever animated with some knowledge about how to animate an acting shot. It isn't the very best as it could have been, but hey I am learning, and eventually will get better and better. Still am pretty happy with what I ended with. The dialogue I chose was really fun and interested me as I heard it first time itself. So just wanted to give it a shot. I will  be getting back to the shot again later as I still have got to cleaned up the curves and loads to work on... But for now I have already started with a new term at AM and gonna have to concentrate on the recent assignment. So if anyone's reading this "feedback's and comments are definitely appreciated." :)

Note : Keep the speakers volume low... just in case the sound might blow out :P (sorry about that if it happens.)

So Here's the shot...

Enjoy!!! and God Bless.

 - A :)