Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 4 Assignment : Different ball with different weights.

Currently i am in my week 4 at AM. The assignment this week is to animate 2 balls showing different weights. I opted to show a bowling ball and a beach ball. I must say that Ball bounce is real hectic to study, even 1 frame makes a huge difference in showing the weights, Now i know why are beginner animator suggested to start with a basic ball bounce. Basically this helps us to study the methodology of understanding weights in our animation also it helps in understand the technical side of animation particular using Graph Edit :) Atleast this basic ball bounce exercise helped me to understand graph editor quiet well. Anyways here it goes this week's assignment.

Week 3 Assignment : Ball Bounce and Excited Pose

In week 3 we had to do a basket or a soccer ball bounce and additionally, make some sketches of people showing up their excitement in different ways. You know what ? if you just think that you will draw some cool excitement poses in your mind that will look great or say convincing, You will definitely end up with some Cliche's, yeah that's true, that is because you are so lazy to get out and look the world around you. There are uncountable ways by which people show up their emotion, you just need to capture them in your memory bank and get away from the cliche's.

BTW here's what i ended with.

The pose is a revision after my mentor's critique so its definitely going to be a bit different to the sketches :)

Here's the Final Ball Bounce.

Week 2 Assignment

Everyone might be thinking where the heck did week 1 go :)
Well we didn't have any assignment for week 1, it was a time to just get familiar to the the AM community, look around everyone's work and be familiar to stuffs that we should be on the AM site. So there isn't any assignment that can be uploaded for the week 1.

Week two, We were supposed to do a thing that i never have always been very bad at : Sketching,
yeah that;s right i really am scared with this stuff , we were asked to get our arse up and see the world around us and make some sketches of people in different poses that might interest us. This was like a nightmare to me but well what else could i have done, Assignments need to be completed once assigned :P So i did it. I din't actually took a sketchbook and pencil along me, just went out and kept looking around and just memorized the pose that looked interesting to me and, sketched it out in the sketchbook, BTW i must say watching people moving around, studying their behavior is quiet a fun, Oh BTW i did a Stick figure drawings for my sketches as you can see in the image itself. But my mentor asked me to add volume to the figure as that will help me understand how human body reacts to weights and forces etc. And i tell you this point is really important to me :) BTW once we were done with the sketches we had to make a choice of one sketch that we liked among all the one's we drew and pose it with the character in 3D.

Here's my sketches for the Week 2 followed by the Pose.


The pose in 3D doesn't look like the one i have drawn, but that's what we have to do as an animator make things more interest to look at. The 3D pose is the final output that i had done after the critique of my mentor for this term, BTW my mentor for this term is Ruth Daly, she is such a sweet person really love being in her class :)

The journey begins.....

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by. I will try to keep my blog interesting as much as i can, But i can't assure you about that :p Its a bit late than the time i actually started my schooling at AM but still "Late better than Never"... So Here i go.

I have been so anxiously waiting for my classes to begin at AM,  I don't know why but almost everyone at AM or wanting to start with AM seem to be as excited and anxious as i had been, as a matter of fact not only me but many of us who were (STILL ARE) or are at AM, do not know a perfect reason that can explain, Why people are so excited about being a part of Family. Yeah thats right It's like a Big Family. Whether it be people working behind the scene or on the screen, Mentors, Students, Staff Members, We all have a one common feeling apart from ANIMATION is that we all are a member of the same family and not just a family, a Big, Happy, Fun Loving Family. I am really grateful to God giving me a chance to be a part of AM.

I have already completed my two weeks at AM and I tell you, there's no such school or place like this. I enjoy every moment being here, People being apart from everyone, all scattered around the world never feel that they are different from the others. I don't know how do i express my thoughts as i am a bit weak in that, but i guess you will understand me by just reading, whatever i have mentioned till yet :)

Currently i am in week 3 and am almost done with the assignment for this week, I'll be uploading my assignment soon for everyone of you to check it out and i will also like to hear some feedbacks and comments from you guys so, keep checkin in :)

- A :)