Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 12 : Compile everything and Relax :D

Ok so this is currently week 12 and in fact the last week of this term. I really had lot of fun this term, whether it be working on the assignments or making friends, Q&A's. Giving review's and feedback's, Reading feedback's that i got and analyzing them. In short the whole term was wonderful. I seriously admit that AM is definitely the best place for schooling in the whole world. There's so much of energy here, Whether it be the mentors, the students, the staff or i can say even the sites :D yeah AM site is also a big and important part of the Family. Everyone is so passionate about animation and so eager to learn at every moment and soak every bit of knowledge people get from anywhere. Like, Animation being an art form, that will always require learning throughout a person's life, I feel AM is exactly the kind of place a person will love to be with throughout the entire life. Its Simply Awesome to be part of AM family. I really am thankful to my This term's Mentor (Ruth Daly - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0198505/) and my classmates for being such a wonderful mentor and classmates respectively.

Well next term is gonna be awesome too, as we will be starting with Body Mechanics. Just can't wait to get started :D

As far as this week assignment is concerned, we just have to compile all of the assignments we did in the 1st term and submit it as a Class 1 Progress Reel. Well i already have my animation posted up here but still am posting the compiled work of everything i did so far :) so here it is...

Week 10 & 11 : Blocking a walk with Personality and Polishing.

Ok So i have been a bit busy last two weeks, with other stuffs too along with the assignments, so couldn't post them up during the particular week. And therefore i'll post everything i did in previous 2 weeks (10 & 11 respectively)
So here is the blocking for the personality walk, that was assignemnt for week 10, I chose to go with a stealth type of walk :P

And this one is the final polished version as the asignment for week 11.

Here are the sketches and pose that i had to do for week 10 and week 11 respectively.

Week 10 Sketches : Exhausted

Exhausted Pose with Stu.

Week 11 Sketches : Balance

Balance pose with Stu.

Sorry for the small size images compared to previous once, i'm getting bit lazy to render them again :D And yeah that's pretty much i did in last to week as far as concerned with the assignments.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 9 : Walk Refining & Concerned Pose

Its already Week 10 at AM, But have been a bit busy with stuffs so couldn't post the week 9 assignments :P So am posting it right now.

Final Walk Refined.

Here's The Sketches for Concerned pose :)

Final Pose i came up with Stu...

This one's after my Mentors Critique :)

As far as Week 10 is concerned, We have to Block out a personality walk and sketch some Exhausted poses. So i should probably be back to work :D Will post the final next week :P

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 8 : Walk Blocking and Strength Pose Assignment.

Sorry for the delay in uploading the final assignments for week 8, Have been busy with other stuffs along with the assignment so couldn't get things up at time, still better late then never :P For week 8 we had to block a 4 step walk from a side view, We also had to do some thumbnail drawings showing the planning process for the walk, and also had to draw some sketches showing strength in the pose and then select one of them and pose it in 3D. So here are the assignments i completed for last week.

Walk Thumbnail planning....

Walk Blocking....


Stu Pose in Maya...