Sunday, July 25, 2010

Term 3 : Week 4 Final Shot :)

Almost after 3 weeks i have something to write or must i say to upload :P Well, actually have been working on the shot below since last couple of weeks as a part of our assignment, every week bit's by bit's and finally it's done and time to get it up here :) So here's my final shot. Hope everyone likes it.

Already have started with planning on a new shot so will be again busy for next couple of weeks and actually have nothing to write back here. So will be back when the new shot is done, till then have fun and God Bless.

- A :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Term : New Challenges and Ton of Fun.

Well I haven't been around since a couple of weeks :P as i didn't actually had anything to post here. It was a break time from AM, and i must say i didn't enjoy the break except for just one thing and that's Toy Story 3. Not to get in details or review of the film just wanna say it was "Pixar" Well I say it Pixar because I run out of words when trying to praise the film :P By that I mean, every words i use to praise it all together conceive in the term PIXAR :D

Now for whats going with me :P Well, I am already in my second week for the 3rd term at AM. And its getting much more fun with every week and term as i move ahead. This term my mentor is Royce Wesley and i must say he is a fantastic mentor as well i won't say, why. Better have a look at his website and his imdb profile :

As i already said I am now in week two so already have my 1st week assignment done. I won't be uploading the assignment for the 1st week as it's just a srapy planning for the shot that i am gonna be animating next 3 weeks :P but next week i will definitely be posting the blocking for the shot :) Until then have fun and God Bless.

- A :)