Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally completed with the assignment for this week. This week has really helped me a lot to understand overlapping movements and how to get texture and rhythm in your animation with help of spacing and timing. Here's the final thing i came with, this does includes some revision after my mentor's critique :

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7 : Assignment Using Tailor :)

This week, We had a choice for the assignment, either make a one legged ball character jump or work on Tailor (a ball with a tail - kind of a squirrel), I chose to have fun with tailor, really love this little character, fun to work with. Basically this assignment is test out our capability to use everything that we have learned in last 6 weeks. I am really having fun pumping up my brain to get hang of everything i have learned so far. Down below is a planning version for the assignment, I've rendered with lighting and environment :P i couldn't stop my self having fun with lighting and Environment too, Just wanted to look how the final assignment is gonna turn out :P Anyways hope everyone like it :P

I don't know why but Youtube is cutting out frames at the end and this is not good :( i think i might have to shift to vimeo :) let see, not sure what to do...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6 : Overlap Final Assignment.

This week has been really fun to work with the Pendulum. I have learned a very important thing during this assignment i.e. Thinking about the flow and level of energy throughout the motion of any object. There are definitely some forces acting upon objects (Internal OR/Either External) making objects to move in a certain way, It's difficult at times to figure that out, but i think it ain't impossible, the best way to learn all this is observation ofcourse :D And also Use your brain its all simple physics :P that we actually notice and watch in our day to day life. Any ways, i hope i made sense to what i said and if i didn't ignore to what i said just use your brains :P

Here's the final version of the assignment.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6 : Overlapping Assignment.

Last week was fun with the obstacle course, really enjoyed planning out the overall physics of the ball :P Week 6 is here and this time we have to work with a Pendulum showing some overlapping action. This has really been a tough one to understand. But i think i am getting a hang of it. Here's a very rough concept planning for my this week assignment, I hope this turns out well at the end :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 5 : Obstacle Course Final

And Here's the final assignment of the Obstacle Course for week 5.

Devastation : Stu Pose

Here's My Stu Pose for this weeks Assignment :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 5 : Devastation Sketches...

Here's my Devastation Sketches for the assignment this week. I really Suck at sketching, i know :P But still feel its looking good than what i expected.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 5 : Obstacle Course and Devasted Sketches

Today i got an e-critique for the week 4's assignment. I was lucky enough that there wasn't much to critique on, As per my mentor :) So that means i can concentrate totally one my Week 5 assignment. Anyways this week we have to concentrate on very important principles of animation and use them in our assignment.

1. Squash and Stretch

2. Anticipation

I am not going into detail about the principles, just remember to use it in right place at right time and at right amount, Getting these two right will make up your animation and screwing up the two is gonna screw up your work even more, that's my thought in simple terms :)

Well this week I got to animate a ball using both the mentioned principles, going through some obstacle course and coming to a stop. There is a limit in number of  frames, in which we have to fit in the whole animation. I really like this concept of giving us limited number of frames to work in, this is really a great exercise that will prepare me to think for, and work with assigned number of frames for a particular shot in future :) The assignment seems to be simple but it isn't by any means, Such exercise makes me feel and reminds, that this is why planning is so important in order to get the performance that we need. Seriously, Planning is a great life saver for animators. The more you plan your Shots before diving into the 3D package you use, The best output you at the end.

I have planned out the scene of the obstacle course and will put in here for everyone to see it later, that might be helpful to someone and some can definitely give feedback to me too :) I am done with the sketching assignment already, but will be leaving the posing in 3d part for the end as right now i got to work with Maya for the obstacle course.

Will get back here once am done with my assignment till then...


- A :)