Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 10 & 11 : Blocking a walk with Personality and Polishing.

Ok So i have been a bit busy last two weeks, with other stuffs too along with the assignments, so couldn't post them up during the particular week. And therefore i'll post everything i did in previous 2 weeks (10 & 11 respectively)
So here is the blocking for the personality walk, that was assignemnt for week 10, I chose to go with a stealth type of walk :P

And this one is the final polished version as the asignment for week 11.

Here are the sketches and pose that i had to do for week 10 and week 11 respectively.

Week 10 Sketches : Exhausted

Exhausted Pose with Stu.

Week 11 Sketches : Balance

Balance pose with Stu.

Sorry for the small size images compared to previous once, i'm getting bit lazy to render them again :D And yeah that's pretty much i did in last to week as far as concerned with the assignments.

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