Monday, July 5, 2010

New Term : New Challenges and Ton of Fun.

Well I haven't been around since a couple of weeks :P as i didn't actually had anything to post here. It was a break time from AM, and i must say i didn't enjoy the break except for just one thing and that's Toy Story 3. Not to get in details or review of the film just wanna say it was "Pixar" Well I say it Pixar because I run out of words when trying to praise the film :P By that I mean, every words i use to praise it all together conceive in the term PIXAR :D

Now for whats going with me :P Well, I am already in my second week for the 3rd term at AM. And its getting much more fun with every week and term as i move ahead. This term my mentor is Royce Wesley and i must say he is a fantastic mentor as well i won't say, why. Better have a look at his website and his imdb profile :

As i already said I am now in week two so already have my 1st week assignment done. I won't be uploading the assignment for the 1st week as it's just a srapy planning for the shot that i am gonna be animating next 3 weeks :P but next week i will definitely be posting the blocking for the shot :) Until then have fun and God Bless.

- A :)

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  1. All the best bro..
    will be waiting to see ur updates :)
    Harish k