Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7 : Assignment Using Tailor :)

This week, We had a choice for the assignment, either make a one legged ball character jump or work on Tailor (a ball with a tail - kind of a squirrel), I chose to have fun with tailor, really love this little character, fun to work with. Basically this assignment is test out our capability to use everything that we have learned in last 6 weeks. I am really having fun pumping up my brain to get hang of everything i have learned so far. Down below is a planning version for the assignment, I've rendered with lighting and environment :P i couldn't stop my self having fun with lighting and Environment too, Just wanted to look how the final assignment is gonna turn out :P Anyways hope everyone like it :P

I don't know why but Youtube is cutting out frames at the end and this is not good :( i think i might have to shift to vimeo :) let see, not sure what to do...

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