Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Progress Reel :D

Ok Finally second term is near it's end, Just a week to go. So i just got a bit hurried with this and put everything together. All the shots from 1st and 2nd term :D The best thing is that i have learned tons this term and so much that i can still catch lot of places in my shots where i can refine and work on things to make it even better. But Hey it's better to move on to some new stuffs :D and get even better :P Anyways there's my Progress Reel for 1st two terms, Enjoy!!!


  1. Nice work Asif. Thought I'd check out your blog after seeing your reel on 11sC.

  2. Hey Frank, Thanks for your comments at both the places :)

  3. Hi Asif, your last work is coming out very well as it includes fun also. Also that you're using screen space very nicely. Really it's worth of your hard work. And I can't wait for your next assignment! Keep it up friend!


  4. hi asfi,
    great work, u animation look really polished
    looks great..
    hope we will work together in future :)

  5. hi asfi,
    yeah i do have a facebook account..

    just tpye in Harish Krishnamurthy u will find me..

    r i have a facebook badge in the blog itself just click on it..u can add me there ^_^

  6. nice reel asif! i hardly see animators getting that pendulum followthrough right (along with the weight attached to it), but you NAILED it right on spot! keep it going! :)

  7. simply too cool reel loved the jumping character part against obstacles

  8. hey..
    This is Ketan here, also from Thane. I just want to say that your animation is really good, especially the first piece. That's some really tough animation, but you've executed it really well. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks Swaraj and to you too Ketan.

  10. I think you walk cycle (the one from a 3/4 view) fell a little bit lightweight because you don't have enough weight shift for the time it pass on each feet.

    Here is a little quote from Wayne Gilbert :

    "Keep in mind, the slower the cadence the more weight shift from side to side there needs to be. The further apart the feet are the more you have to shift weight."

  11. Hey Francis, Thanks for the little quote mate, I agree what you said about the weight shift :) i learned that but at the end of the term, Just didn't get back to that walk to correct it :P Really appreciate your comments BTW keep them coming :)

  12. Hello there ........kaisa hai,great work ,keep it up,looking forward to seeing great things from you in the future