Monday, September 13, 2010

Term 3 : Final Week :)

Finally term 3 is near it's end. It's last week for the term followed by a break and then I start with the new term for which I have been waiting anxiously...... "Introduction to Acting" I am so excited for the new term. Term 3 has really been fantastic in terms of education and fun as well. Learned a tons of things this term and had equal fun trying to apply what I learned into my animation. I do not say that I have been totally successful in utilizing everything I learned, as that is an on going process and It will take time to get better at things. After all no one can be perfect at everything neither can  a great animator in just a couple of months or years or decades :P We being animators have to keep learning through out our life OR until LIFE exists around us. Anyways my thoughts may not make any sense to many... as I am not so good with words :P but I prefer throwing them out as it might be sensible to a few rare breeds like me.

Anyways here's my final shot for the last assignment of term 3. It isn't absolutely amazing shot that I could animate by any means, but I had fun animating it and learned lot of things during the process. It's really amazing how one can learn tons of things while just animating a simple 8 second or even a second of a shot. Even professional who are best at there work who can project out their imaginations to the best in couple of seconds will agree to me that they learned so much on every shot they have ever worked. Oh!!! well sorry for the ramble :P here's the final...


The Progress reel will be up in a day or two which will include all the shots I have done since term 1 to term 3. Hope everyone enjoy it. Till then take care, have fun and God bless.

- A :)

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