Sunday, October 3, 2010

Term 4 : Already Begun :P

Well I am late in writing this post... But as I say... better late than never :P

So I am now in 4th term and already started with all the fun :D It's Introduction To Acting - the long awaited term... Ahh!!! Ok, not so long :P but definitely awaited. Being at AM, I really didn't come to know how time went so quick. I've already been here since 9 months and I don't remember if I felt the time moving so quick ever before I started with AM...

Well as I said it's Intro to Acting and currently week 1... So definitely it's a week to come up with ideas and thumbnail planning etc etc... And I am already done with my assignment :D though it took a while to come up with the idea but I'm glad I could think of something at the end... The idea is kinda crazy (at least for me) and I also tried to have fun shooting the video reference for that :P I am not disclosing anything about the idea or the video reference at the moment (actually don't have time to upload everything at the moment :P) but will surely upload the reference sometime later, may be after the shot is done, as I feel, I won't be getting time to get back here and write something or upload the video ref. or planning being busy with the assignment for a couple of weeks...

Well till next time I guess my blog will have to miss me :P and If anyone read's this just wanna say... Have fun and God bless.

- A :)


  1. Hi Asif,
    My mail id is Please do not include any attachment while sending email.

    Happy animatiing!
    Rajesh :)

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  3. Hi Asif,

    I work as a Creative Design Engineer for uAchieveIt Inc. ( The main reason I am writing to you is that I am a Prospective student of Animation Mentor!

    I would like to speak to you about AM. I could not find your email address anywhere. My email id is

    Looking forward to talk to you!

    Thanks a lot