Saturday, January 30, 2010

The journey begins.....

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by. I will try to keep my blog interesting as much as i can, But i can't assure you about that :p Its a bit late than the time i actually started my schooling at AM but still "Late better than Never"... So Here i go.

I have been so anxiously waiting for my classes to begin at AM,  I don't know why but almost everyone at AM or wanting to start with AM seem to be as excited and anxious as i had been, as a matter of fact not only me but many of us who were (STILL ARE) or are at AM, do not know a perfect reason that can explain, Why people are so excited about being a part of Family. Yeah thats right It's like a Big Family. Whether it be people working behind the scene or on the screen, Mentors, Students, Staff Members, We all have a one common feeling apart from ANIMATION is that we all are a member of the same family and not just a family, a Big, Happy, Fun Loving Family. I am really grateful to God giving me a chance to be a part of AM.

I have already completed my two weeks at AM and I tell you, there's no such school or place like this. I enjoy every moment being here, People being apart from everyone, all scattered around the world never feel that they are different from the others. I don't know how do i express my thoughts as i am a bit weak in that, but i guess you will understand me by just reading, whatever i have mentioned till yet :)

Currently i am in week 3 and am almost done with the assignment for this week, I'll be uploading my assignment soon for everyone of you to check it out and i will also like to hear some feedbacks and comments from you guys so, keep checkin in :)

- A :)


  1. salaam bhaijaan... i knew abt ur animating skills.. but wat i dint know was that u can write well too.. another feather in ur cap :) good stuff ya... i must say.. im looking forward to keeping a track of ur blog, so that i may too learn a thing or two... all the best buddy..

  2. Yo Bro!!! Just trying to put up some thoughts out of my BOX :P