Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 3 Assignment : Ball Bounce and Excited Pose

In week 3 we had to do a basket or a soccer ball bounce and additionally, make some sketches of people showing up their excitement in different ways. You know what ? if you just think that you will draw some cool excitement poses in your mind that will look great or say convincing, You will definitely end up with some Cliche's, yeah that's true, that is because you are so lazy to get out and look the world around you. There are uncountable ways by which people show up their emotion, you just need to capture them in your memory bank and get away from the cliche's.

BTW here's what i ended with.

The pose is a revision after my mentor's critique so its definitely going to be a bit different to the sketches :)

Here's the Final Ball Bounce.

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  1. nice poses ya.. just sitting at d desk we dont even realise that there could be so many different gestures to express excitement...