Friday, April 23, 2010

Final Submission for Week 4 :)

It seems like i haven't posted something for a few days, but actually there wasn't much to post :P as i have been working with the same assignment as you can see in the older post than this, That was a blocking stage and I had to work on the same thing in these 2-3 week and bring it to a final polished version, so here it is :)

For this week, We have got a new pick list to select any one exercise from. It's been divided from easy to hard level but i think there isn't any easy level of exercise :P everything get difficult at times, Still i have opted to go for a harder level exercised Just to challenge myself and see how do i get through that. BTW i have opted to animate a Parkour sequence always wanted to do that, as personally i might never be able to run and jump like crazy, Though i really love it and want to do it :D

So the planning will be up soon for the parkour shot.

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