Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 5 : Time Running Too Quick I Guess :P

I really don't believe how time is passing by so quickly. Frankly Speaking when i started with AM i thought oh God i Still have to wait for a year and a half to be working some where as a professional. That doesn't by any mean that i am not enjoying AM. As i have already said AM is the far best School i have ever heard of and i have ever been to :D By the time running too quicky, Now i mean is i feel like "Darn There's only few more months left for be to be at AM :( " That kinda make me sad Actually. I wish that i never get out of AM even after my graduation. This place is like heaven for me, Perhaps for every student, even mentor or staff's who are or have been part of AM. And trust me when i say that, If you really want to experience it, I say go for it. Definitely that will take few thing that you might have to work out, Particularly Funds  :D But Whatever you invest is Worth more than the investment you make throughout your life :D That's what i feel and have experienced, so far being at AM.

Well It's already week 5 of the second term, Things are getting tough but interesting and exciting as well day by day. By Tough i mean to say is - The type of assignment is definitely an increase in the level at which we are gonna make our brain work. And excited because I am finally gonna Animate Stewie :D Long awaited Character, Almost by every student :D

Previous week we had been given a few, exercise in a pick list and every one had a choice to select one out of them and shoot a reference or definitely use internet resources to get some reference and then plan out the shot on paper. I really admit that planning is a very essential and key stage every animator must go through if he/she wants to get the final animation as he/she imagines in his/her mind.

Well, from the pick list i have opted to go for Parkour. Hell yeah!!! I really wanted to animate this crazy sport, Infact I would be really grateful if i can learn it and perform it myself :D I love these kinds of activity "Freaking Crazy- You Know". But until then i have a very artistic medium to do what i want to "ANIMATE " :D

Here is the Planning for my shot, That according to me gives a clear idea what i have in my mind.

I am not uploading the reference i have collected as its free floating on youtube :P and i have used quiet a few different clips and planned out my shot.

Well that's pretty much for this post and I should probably get back to Maya and start blocking out the shot,

So till the next Week, Have fun Animating OR Learning :)

God Bless!!!

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